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Megan Fox Plastic Surgeries

Posted in megan fox with tags , , , , on July 15, 2009 by esmeralda123

Megan Fox has had a few plastic surgeries, if you realize the differences of before and after the surgeries you will see that there are two completely different Megans. It’s obvious that she’s had a nose job and we all know it’s because of the bump she used to have on the tip of her nose, now the bridge of her nose is thinner and the tip is way more defined.megan fox nose job

I have to admit, she was right about having a nose job, anyhow, almost everybody has one right? no harm done in fixing your nose, but was it really that bad? I think she would’ve been just fine without having a nose job at all. At least she could have said that all her beauty was natural instead of being fake like everything else in Hollywood.

Megan has also had a lip surgery, typical, I know. But it’s a fact. Her lips now are fuller than before and it gives her more of an Angelina Jolie look. You can’t complain about being compared to Jolie with that surgery, megan.megan's lips before and after

I don’t know about everybody else but I think she looked just fine before having any of these plastic surgeries, right now she looks like she’s made of plastic. Why do Hollywood stars like to turn themselves into barbie dolls like Megan does?  She also had something else done besides the nose job and the lips surgery, somehow she got rid of her freckles. In my own opinion, she looked prettier with the freckles.

Before, Megan Fox looked like a girl, after the plastic surgeries she looks much older now, and I know that’s nothing a celebrity would want. She is naturally beautiful and she didn’t need any of the surgeries she has had.

Here are a few before-and-after picture of Megan, you do the comparison yourself.

megan-fox-before-surgery-2009megan before-and-after