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Megan Fox Hates Lindsay Lohan

Posted in megan vs celebrities with tags , , , , on July 15, 2009 by esmeralda123

Megan Fox acted alongside Lindsay Lohan in Confessions of a teenage drama queen, but apparently they never became friends. Fox says “Lindsay and I were never friends when we starred together, I mean, we were two sixteen-year-old-girls, and it’s rare for two girls of that age to get along, and we didn’t”

confessions of a teenage drama queen

Megan has also been compared several times to Lindsay Lohan, a lot of people find that they have much in common. Megan obviously didn’t like the idea at all, she also said “I can’t believe people think we’re alike?! Ugh!”….Personally, I see resemblance between the two girls in a lot of Lindsay’s pictures but in general they’re not that much alike, Lindsay is definitely more popular.

lindsay lohan


Lindsay, however, seems to admire Megan Fox as she once said about her being confident in herself :”good for you Megan….she’s a beautiful girl…I like the way she’s confident in herself”….We don’t know if this is a mockery or not, but it sounds to me that Lindsay is simply magnanimous to Megan, I mean, we can never be sure if Lindsay means what she says about Megan, she could simply dislike her as much as Megan hates her.

Megan admits she used to buy Lindsay cigarettes after performing for confessions of a teenage drama queen because they were under age and Fox looked a lot older than Lohan. She also said that Lohan used to be nice at her face but was a different person behind her. Some people agree that Lohan is a two faced hypocrite, but then there are others who say Fox doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Still, the war continues between the two stars and Megan continues to hate Lindsay.

I see the two celebrities could be good friends if they wanted, they could possibly have some things in common (although Fox denies this), but that’s Hollywood for you.