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Megan Fox Boyfriend

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Megan Fox has been dating actor Brian Austin Green of Terminator since 2004, the couple first met on Megan Fox’s Hope & Faith set. They were engaged 2006 and have planning to get married since 2008. Unfortunately, they ended their relationship in February 2009. But have been seen together several times after.MF + BG

brian green + megan fox

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are an on-and-off couple. After it was reported that the two had ended their relationship, the two confirmed that they are still together. It is all very confusing because at the Transformers: Revenge of the fallen premiere in UK, Megan said : ”I’m what you call single” but she was seen after that walking with Green and the media reported that they were back together again.

brian austin

Brian Austin was an actor and starred in the Beverly Hills, 90210 and played the role of David Silver much because his personality was similar to the fictional character of the film. He then started a career as a rapper and removed “austin” from his name, he released his album One Stop Carnival but it didn’t end successfuly.

Green was known to be dating Vanessa Marcil after breaking up with Tiffani Thiessen. His son, Kaussian Lijah, was born March, 2002. In 2004 he began dating Megan Fox and got engaged. In February 2009, he and Megan broke off their engagment but continued dating.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have been seen walking the streets arguing, could it be that the couple will finally reach it’s end? it’s really uncertain whether or not they will continue being together.megan fox brian green arguing

Well, of course every long lasting relation ship will have it’s ups and downs, and the same thing with Megan and Brian. They could possibly be facing some problems together but soon enough they’ll both get over it.megan fox and brian austin