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Megan Fox Interview

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Megan Fox and Shia Labouf finally setting the things straight about the “dating” that is said to be going on between them.

Watch this video to know whether these two are an off screen couple or not.


Megan Fox Transformers

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transformers wallpaper

Transformers film has given Megan Fox’s career full success. Megan plays the role of Mikaela Banes as Sam Witwicky’s (Shia Labouf) love interest.

Transformers was released on September 21st, 2007. It was predicted to be “the best summer movie” even before its release at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards and at the MTV Movie Awards 2008 it was voted “best film”, it also recieved a  2008 Kids’ Choice Award for favorite movie, not to mention being nominated for three Academy Awards.

In the movie, Mikeala Banes (Megan Fox) is a talented teenager who’s father was a grease monkey and former car thief, and because of that she is a girl with skills.

Fox gained ten pounds of muscle to play the talented and tough role of transformers priemereMikaela Banes. She also didn’t get any sleep to appear stressed and frustrated in the movie just as Banes is supposed to look, she was threatened repeatedly by Bay to film takes at night to encourage a tough performance from her.

It isn’t certain how the hot celebrity got her role in Transformers but there are rumors that she actually won her role by washing Micheal Bay’s car (a Ferrari). It is a fact though that she did actually wash his car for him while he sat back and relaxed capturing the whole thing on video. You guys can say what you want about Bay, but he is a perfectionist whether you like it or not. He produces the greatest films and I’m sure he only wants the best out of his actors, so making Fox wash his car probably had something to do with making the film, I mean, isn’t Transformers all about cars anyway? it sounds work related to me. And besides, it did Megan a favor didn’t it? I mean didn’t she become more popular and hot after Transformers?

After Megan Fox’s Transformers was released, Megan was admired by thousands of fans all around the world who never even knew her before. However, there is a lot of talk going questioning Megan Fox’s performance. We all know she’s absolutely amazing in looks, there’s no denying her hotness, but can she really act? Okay, so she was okay in Transformer I have to admit, but have you seen her movie Holiday in the sun featuring Mary Kate and Ashlee? She definitley needs a few more acting lessons. A lot of people say that she’s only there for interest and that her acting skills will show after making her new film Jennifer’s body where she won’t have to be covered in dirt and running from giant killer robots 24-7.

Michael Bay tells Megan to “grow up” after she says she wants to “act” after “Transformers”.

Overall, Transformers was an excellent film and in my opinion it is the best robot film ever released.